Milcho Pipin

Milcho Pipin - visual communicator and photographer, located somewhere between 41.029678 21.329216-MKD and -25.428360 -49.273250-BRA, he journeyed throughout Europe, Polynesia, Hawaii, North, Central and South America.

Motivated and driven by meaning and culture, adding to what life could be and challenging what it is, his visual art provides alternatives that loosen the ties reality has on the ability to dream. Ultimately, it is a catalyst for social dreaming.

Ever fascinated by systems, continuous iteration, and experimentation, he develops visual languages across multiple channels. With a holistic mindset, he aims for simplicity.

— Prof. Uwe Loesch, Visual Communication (Germany)
— CD6, Technology Development (Brazil)
— Charles University, Design and Applied Arts (Czechia)
— Jane Sandanski HS, Economy (Macedonia)

Focus: corporate, publication, environmental, user interface, and visual identity designs as well as aesthetic criticism, design research, concept development, and design strategy, also included are editorial, documentary, fine art, and commercial photography.


New assignments or questions?
telegram, whatsapp: +38978222308

UI Design


Artist @Widewalls - London, England

Artist @SaatchiArt - San Francisco, USA


- Aljazira Capital (Saudi Arabia)
- Albilad Capital (Saudi Arabia)
- Bank Albilad (Saudi Arabia)
- Genalive DNA (Saudi Arabia)
- GPS Implants (Saudi Arabia)
- Nature+ Token (Denmark)
- European Union Funding (EU)
- Hapa Pharm (Germany)
- Bimmi (Norway)
- Saatchi Art Ad (USA)
- WeTransfer - WePresent (The Netherlands)
- Harley Davidson (Brazil)
- Suzuki (Brazil)
- Joia Magazine (Chile)
- Fstoppers (USA)
- Widewalls (UK)
- Chennai Photo Biennale (India)
- Bruno Cavassini, Arquitetura Penal Socioeducativa (Brazil)
- Rede, UOL (Brazil)
- Hypeness, Terra (Brazil)
- Elástica, Editora Abril, Globo (Brazil)
- CEERT (Brazil)
- SinPro Minas (Brazil)
- Meionorte (Brazil)
- Pete Brook, Prison Photography, Wired (USA)
- Wonderful Machine (USA)
- MSP Communications (USA)
- ATA World, Taekwondo (USA)
- Rimbo, Carl B. & Juan S. - Rawthentic Music, EP (Canada)
- Lush, Arquitetura e Decoração / Camila Bruzamolin, Savana Lazaretti (Brazil)
- Revista CASA, Decoração e Estilo, Camila Bruzamolin (Brazil)
- Prof. Dr. Maurício Stegemann Dieter, Book - Política Criminal Atuarial (Brazil)
- Prof. Dr. Noa Piatã, Book - Solidariedade Social Previdenciária (Brazil)
- Roche (Brazil)
- VIEW Curitiba (Brazil)
- Tipz, The Atjazz Record Company (UK)
- Premier IT (Brazil)
- Gazeta do Povo (Brazil)
- BemParaná (Brazil)
- Sephora (Brazil)
- Rêve Moda (Brazil)
- Instituto Rio Moda, Workshop with Dudu Bertholini (Brazil)
- Gustavo Lorenzo Produções, "Tender Napalm" (Brazil)
- Ecovia (Brazil)
- Prefeitura de Campo Largo / Presença (Brazil)
- Omega Design Móveis (Brazil)
- Iluvia Engenharia (Brazil)
- Presença Comunicação Educacional (Brazil)
- Prefeitura de Ponta Grossa, Presença Comunicação Educacional (Brazil)
- Prefeitura de Piraquara, Presença Comunicação Educacional (Brazil)
- Editora Esfera (Brazil)
- Instituto Alleanza (Brazil)
- Squadro móveis (Brazil)
- Futuro Eventos Educação (Brazil)
- Saso Recyd, Trpenie Spasenie - Definitive Rec. EP (Canada)
- Terminal00 Festival, campaign (Slovenia)
- YellowCab Magazine (Serbia)
- (Macedonia)
- Metropolis Agency, Magenta Magazine (Macedonia)